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Our Wish List

Please help us raise £1million this year to enhance care for patients across all Wards and Departments at Salisbury District Hospital and to help thousands of local people get better faster, return home sooner and have a more positive hospital experience. Here's a list of projects that your support could help to fund.

Cancer Patients

Babies, Children and their families

Older Patients

Heart Patients                                

For Every Patient

Patients across our Hospital

Projects marked * are one-off items which we hope to fund this year. Projects marked ** are ongoing and we need to raise this amount of money each year to sustain them.

In addition to aiming to raise at least £1million each year for projects like those detailed above, from time to time the Stars Appeal runs major campaigns to raise funds for very large projects. These have included a second MRI Scanner, a dedicated Breast Unit, two state-of-the-art CT Scanners, a new Children’s Unit, Cardiac suite, Keyhole Surgery Suite, Benson Suite, Neonatal Family Accommodation, and many other projects. Read more about these here: What we have achieved.