Pembroke Unit Fund

Pembroke Unit fund

The Pembroke Unit provides specialist care and treatment for people with cancer and haematological (blood) disorders from across Wiltshire, north and east Dorset and west Hampshire. The Pembroke Unit incorporates the Pembroke Suite (outpatients) and the Pembroke Ward (inpatients). This combination allows us to provide comprehensive care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The ongoing support of the local community for the Pembroke Unit fund helps us go the extra mile for our patients. Donations are used to improve our service to patients in a number of ways. Below are some examples…

"These ‘extras’ help to provide patients with the best possible care. We are hugely grateful to all that support our fund and ask you to keep up the good work and help us do even more. Thank you."
Dr Effie Grand 
Pembroke Unit Consultant and Chair of the Pembroke Unit Fund

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