How one company helps

How JAS Hair of Salisbury and Wilton support The Stars Appeal

The team at JAS Hair have been supporting the Stars Appeal for more than two years. In that time they have raised over £16,000 to help

JAS Hair have taken part in Stars Appeal events including the Walk for Wards and donated to the All Day Auction.

JAS Hair have also created their own successful fundraising activities, including a Hair and Fashion Show, Sky Diving, a night in a Haunted House, a “Wear a Wig to Work” day and a trek across the Sahara. The JAS Hair group have organised these events to a high standard, raising vital funds without causing extra work for the small and busy team at the Stars Appeal office.

In addition to fundraising, JAS Hair arranged free pampering evenings for nurses from the children’s ward and Pembroke Unit at Salisbury District Hospital, to thank them for the care they give to local people.

The team at JAS Hair Group are an excellent example of how a local business can use their particular skills and contacts to help a local charity. We are delighted to have their support.

“Jas Hair Group has been supporting local charity The Stars Appeal and we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership. There are numerous benefits as a company to engage with a charity and we would highly recommend a local one.

We have had some great fun with the events we have run ourselves and our clients get really involved in supporting us and all the various fundraising events we do. We also support some of the events run by the Stars Appeal where we can just turn up, get involved and raise some money, without all the organising!

As a company we get lots of PR, excellent team building and development opportunities away from the salons as well as some good old fashioned fun. Our clients look out for what we are doing which creates a real talking point in the salons. It makes the team feel as though they are putting something back into the community.

The team at the Stars Appeal make it so easy to get involved, they are very well organised and will do anything they can to help you plan your event, (except come on a ghost hunt!). They also have  good relationships with the local media and receive good publicity increasing their profile and ours at the same time.”

Jodie Gurd
Front Of House Manager at Jas Hair Salisbury, Charity Event Organiser for Jas Hair Group.