Get your school involved

How pupils can raise money to support their local hospital

Schools often tell us they want to support the work of Salisbury District Hospital, sometimes for the children’s ward and outpatients department where many pupils have received care, sometimes for a ward or department that has looked after someone close to the school.

Your school can raise funds by choosing a Charity of the Year, Charity of the Term or organising a fundraising week or day.  There are ideas for the sorts of activities you can organise in our downloadable Fundraising Pack .

Or why not have fun with an Odd Socks for Odstock day.

Whether you choose to support the Stars Appeal, a campaign such as Caring for Kids or a fund such as the Pembroke Unit Fund, someone from the Stars Appeal or the hospital can come and give your pupils a short illustrated talk about how the money you raise will help. Just contact us on or 01722 429005, and give us around 4 weeks notice if you have a definite date in mind.

And whatever you’re planning please let us know. We love to hear ideas and see photos as well as to help celebrate success and thank your pupils for their efforts. Send your news, photos and the money you raise to the Stars Appeal, Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, SP2 8BJ.

We’ll send your school a certificate to recognise your support for the Stars Appeal and Salisbury District Hospital.

Thank you!