Odd Socks for Oddstock

Odd Socks for Odstock

We’ve come up with a simple and fun way to raise money for the Stars Appeal.

Everything you need to do is outlined here, and you can also download posters and leaflets about the Stars Appeal to help in your fundraising.

Take Three Simple Steps

1.    Choose a date  

There’s no fixed Odd Socks for Odstock day, so just choose one that suits your school.

Someone from the Stars Appeal or the hospital can launch your day with a short illustrated talk about how the money you raise will help. If you’d like to have this support, please contact us on info@starsappeal.org or 01722 429005, and give us around 4 weeks notice if you have a definite date in mind.

You can download posters and leaflets to promote and support your fundraising here

2.    Change your socks

Ask everyone in the school – pupils, teachers and non-teaching staff – to wear odd socks to school that day.

You can encourage them to wear the most colourful and clashing odd socks they like. If anyone’s feeling crazy they can try wearing odd shoes as well! Or they can simply choose two slightly different shades of grey. You might want to choose a time of year when it’s warm enough to wear shorts so that you can see the full impact of all those socks.

Everyone who wears odd socks to school that day must pay for the privilege – we’d suggest £1 or £2.

You can raise more money by organising extra events on the same day. Why not try a sponsored hopathon, a welly boot throw (pay to take part, give prizes for the longest throws), stinkiest sock competition, sell cakes in the shape of feet, shoes and socks.

Try to find activities which parents can get involved with too as they deliver or collect their children. You could even make your Odd Socks for Odstock Day coincide with School Sports Day.

We’d love to hear your ideas and see your photos. And remember to invite the local paper to help publicise your good work.

3.    Send us your money

Send the money you raise, with your details and photos from the day, to the Stars Appeal (Stars Appeal, Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury, SP2 8BJ).

We’ll send your school a certificate to recognise your support for the Stars Appeal and Salisbury District Hospital.

Thank you!