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Thanks to the amazing support of local people and organisations, and a major donation received after we reached our initial £650,000 target in December 2013, we have been able to fund two brand new CT scanners for Salisbury District Hospital. Read more here

Thank you to everyone that has supported the campaign, either by fundraising, donating or just simply spreading the word. With your help, the new scanners are making a difference to thousands of local people. 

To find out more about the completed CT Scanner campaign, please read on and watch the videos below

Here's how it will make a difference & why:

Why does Salisbury need a second scanner?

The existing CT scanner at Salisbury District Hospital already runs at full capacity, providing thousands of scans each year. A second CT scanner will mean the hospital can do many more scans and make sure scans are always available to patients, even if one scanner is busy or undergoing essential maintenance.

What will the benefits be?

1. Waiting times cut
Medical staff will be able to:

• Diagnose conditions more quickly, which can save lives
• Treat patients more quickly
• Get results faster, reducing anxiety for patients and their families
• Get patients home from hospital and back to normal life sooner

2. Less need for surgery
The very latest technology and techniques will reduce the need for minor exploratory surgery, with all its possible side effects.

3. Less travelling to other hospitals.
No need to travel to other hospitals for your scan.

4. Scans always available
Faster access to scans for patients at all times of the day and night.

Who will benefit?

Around 12,000 local people each year including:

• Cancer patients, who will get a faster diagnosis
• Emergency patients, who’ve had a stroke or life-threatening injury, will get their scan even faster when every second counts
• Heart patients, who can have scans instead of minor operations
• Many others including spinal, orthopaedic, vascular, liver and bowel patients
• Local soldiers and their families
• People of all ages from children to the elderly
• Patients from Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset
• Maybe even you or someone you know…

You can download a leaflet here


Here are just some of the poeple supporting this campaign...

Consultants from across the hospital

Graham - a soldiers story

Sybil's story

Jeremy's story

Charlie's story

The Salisbury Journal are very kindly suporting the CT Scanner Campaign, click here to find out more SalisburyJournalmast2013

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